Business park

Location, space, talent and reputation: swiss aeropole combines the advantages of doing business in Switzerland with the potential of a unique location, a place “WHERE AVIATION INSPIRES CREATION”.

A great place to live and work

Switzerland is one of the most liberal, competitive and innovative countries in the world. Its business-friendly climate as well as strong social and political stability provide investors and entrepreneurs with complete peace of mind to focus on their projects.

At swiss aeropole and in the surrounding region, you will find a vibrating atmosphere, space to grow your ideas, a prime location for both business and leisure, and a strong talent pool.

A home for your business

Whether you are a start-up or a large company, this dynamically growing and highly attractive environment will offer you the place and the opportunity to develop your business in scalable offices and industrial areas, ready to adopt the size and shape you need.

Space available!

New building for rent

At Swiss Aeropole you will find

  • 400’000 m² business and technology park
  • 2.8 km runway with controlled airspace
  • 18’000 m² apron
  • 250’000 m² land available for development
  • 100’000 m² for sale with access to the runway
  • 3’000 m² office space to rent
  • 500+ employees of Swiss Air Force
  • A growing community of companies with a total of over 200 FTEs
  • An active network of entrepreneurs, managers, investors, and academics
  • Domiciliation services
  • A dedicated team to help you with any requests